Logivision Retail Point of Sale Systems in Canada 


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  • Back Office item Database management
  • Inventory Control
  • Label Printing
  • Gift Card Program
  • Self Check Out


  • Sales Batches
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Wireless Hand Held Interface
  • Remote Communications
  • Multi Store/Enterprise Functionality
  • Cashier Management
  • Accounting Software interface
  • Integrated Debit Credit Processing
  • On Screen Advertising
  • Gas Pump Interface
  • Touch Screen Interface

Logivision POS (LBOSS)

The Logivision Retail Point of Sale System, is catered for a wide variety of retail operations, Our Retail Point of Sale System is developed with the retailers in mind with over 15 years of development experience retailers can trust the IQ retail POS system to deliver maximum value to their operations.


The user friendly interface allows retailer to unitize the full features of the system which allow  the user to Design Screen layouts, manage peripherals & perform high speed transactions. Ensuring maximum return on investment by decreased check out wait times & reduction in shrinkage. In addition, users can perform complete stock management which includes stock replenishment based on minimum inventory levels or on product sales history.


Integrated Retail POS Solutions



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