Gas Station Point of Sale Systems (POS) in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


IQ’s Gas Station Point of Sale System will help you increase profits by managing shrinkage, controlling inventory, stock ordering, and Gas Pump Integration.


In the Gas Station industry speed = profit. In a Gas Station customers want to be in and out as quick as possible without waiting in line. Processing your customers faster will ensure that they not only make a purchase but will continue to return. 


Tired of bad surveillance footage? Loosing thousands of dollars due to drive offs? With IQ’s Gas Pump interface, schedule pump overrides, setup pay at the pump, and the ability to authorize pumps only after receiving pre-payment. With Video Surveillance integration, License Plate detecting cameras can be tied directly to the Gas Station Point of Sale System. In case of drive off, owners can view clear surveillance footage and capture license plate information.


Gas Pump Integration


IQ’s Gas Station POS System allows full automation and integration of gas pumps. With the Gas Pump Interface, users can authorize, reconcile, and change pump prices directly from our Point of Sale System. The Gas Pump interface ensures faster transaction processing and eliminates errors due to manual entry.


IQ’s Integrated Debit Credit processing, allows store owners to tie in their debit/credit machines directly into our Point of Sale system. This allows transactions to be completed within seconds and eliminates any chance of error as the transaction totals are sent directly to the debit credit terminal from the Point of sale System.


With IQ’s Gas Station POS system, streamline, control your operations, and increase profits!


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