Reach your target audience with dynamic & interactive digital signage

Digital Signage System

The IQ Signage System is a complete digital signage comprised of innovative digital signage hardware and intuitive web-based digital signage software that allows you to effectively communicate your message in any place, at any time. Whatever your industry, Digital Signage can help you deliver dynamic visual messages to optimize your customers' experience while driving sales.


Digital Signage System Benefits

  • Fully-integrated digital signage system from one manufacturer
  • Deal direct with the software and hardware vendor! Don't get stuck dealing with resellers!
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use remote management software for content and device
  • Commercial-grade construction, durable
  • Reliable, fanless operation, no moving parts
  • Event trigger content management
  • No Monthly Hosting Costs
  • Create & manage your own Advertising campaign


What are the key technology trends in the digital signage market that the IQ Signage System is addressing?

  •  Interactivity - Interactive content and interactive tools such as touch screens are needed to bring the targeted audience closer to the advertising piece. Event-trigger marketing or advertising is also becoming more prominent.
  • Convergence between Digital Signage and the traditional Kiosk industry. This provides the ability for screens to serve up advertising when not being utilized as a kiosk.
  • Remote manageability - The ability to manage 5 to 5000 screens through the same technology is crucial in making sure that scalability is fully supported.

Media Players 


Digital Signage Appliance features a powerful and energy-efficient x86 processor in a compact and robust package. Operating the Winddigital signage playerows® 7 Pro Embedded system, the powers displays with dynamic content while communicating with the server for continuous updates. With high-quality DVI and VGA output, this scalable, network-ready signage appliance is easy to install, and fanless, solid-state construction provides improved reliability.


The IQ Digital Signage includes the following major components:

  • Digital Signage Appliance (Digital Signage Player)
  • Digital Signage Software for Remote Administration
  • Digital Signage LCD Display (Industrial-grade Display Technology)  
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